Ebook Author Month: Jim Bronyaur

Jim Bronyaur has been writing since he was actually able to write. He believes in astrology, writes for a living (with a side of part time accounting), and his first published piece of writing occurred in fifth grade – a poem.
From there, he sharpened his skills by rewriting his favorite TV episodes into horror eps.


He doesn't look that scary. Hm. :)

GL: Welcome, Jim! What are you currently working on?

Jim: GL!

I am finishing up my debut stand alone novel, The Devil’s Weekend. It’s hitting virtual shelves by the end of July. From there, I’ve got two end of the world zombie novels planned, another season of Pulsate coming via Flashes in the Dark, AND a collaboration book I can’t talk about yet. Haha! :)

GL: Hah! What sort of goodies do you have to have on hand during writing binges?

Jim: Hmm… off the top of my head? Beer, BBQ flavored sunflower seeds, and Bubble Yum (preferably watermelon)

GL: Mm, BBQ. [drools] I’m Team Furry. Love the shape shifting types. What’s your team of choice?

Jim: Team? Oh wow, I have to say zombies… why? Because they don’t take no for answer – not even death!

GL: How much of a background do you create for your characters? Example: I’ve been known to pick birthdates and astrological signs.

Jim: Oh, I’m bad with that stuff. ALL my names have meanings. I research into all my names to make sure they pertain to the story or to those in horror who have inspired me. (I have a two book series hitting early 2012 that’s loaded with references to my favorite book and movie – Pet Sematary). I’ll write each character out – who they are, what they do, etc. I need to know these people to write about them!

GL: True, that. It’s been fun, and good luck with your upcoming new release, The Devil’s Weekend!

Jim: Thanks so much! I have a few more releases this year after The Devil’s Weekend so stay ready everyone! Jim’s here and he’s not going away! (Sorry, I’ve always wanted to refer to myself in the 3rd person… hehe!)


Here are the places that you can find Jim: his site, on Twitter, and on Facebook.

Stay tuned for The Devil’s Weekend!

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